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Kayden Arias Sharky Althen

My Expertise

I am a software developer with a strong focus in automation, particularly in the realm of CICD (continuous integration continuous delivery/deployment) pipelines and testing for web development projects. I enjoy streamlining code development with tooling, fixing bugs, and creating smooth and continuous code deployments.

Web Development

JavaScript • Node.js • Python • React|Redux • AngularJS • Vue.js • Flask • HTML5 • CSS3 • LESS|SASS • Bootstrap • Pixlr|GIMP • Mongoose • MongoDB • MySQL • PostgreSQL

Tooling | DevOps

jenkins helm openshift

Git • Gulp • Grunt • NPM • Bower • Cron • curl • bash • ssh • ZSH • Jenkins • Travis • Heroku • Hubot • NGINX • Docker • Helm • OpenShift • K8S

Test Automation

selenium jest pytest saucelabs

Protractor • Mocha • Chai • Karma • Selenium Webdriver • OpenCAFE • Saucelabs • pytest • Jest

Featured Projects


AngularJS - Express/Node.js - MongoDB

Giraffle is a quick raffle generator and drawing web application.

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AngularJS - Express/Node.js - MongoDB

With PollFly users can create, share, and vote on straw polls as well as view their poll results.

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React/Flux - Express/Node.js - PostgreSQL

IdeaList is a forum integrated with Slack designed to promote discussion around a team's feature requests and ideas.

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AngularJS - Express/Node.js - MongoDB

LunchMeet is a web and mobile friendly app that allows users to create and join events happening in their community.

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